Ridge Nest Hotel

WELCOME TO Ridgenest Hotel


We make the best for all our customers.
The Ridge Nest Hotel (RNH) is strategically positioned in Adukrom on the north of the tranquil and greeny Akuapem Ridge. Adukrom connects the Akuapem Ridge to Somanya, Akosombo, Akwamu, Volta region, and Koforidua. RNH is just a short journey from incredible attractions, including Safari Valley, an easy drive to Aburi Botanical Gardens, Boti falls, Komfo Anokye oware at Awukugua, Akonedi shrine at Larteh, the Volta lake, Adomi Bridge, and many more!


To become the first-choice destination for customers seeking a connection with nature on the Akuapem Ridge and surrounding tourism routes.


To be the premier hospitality and customer service brand in Ghana.

Core Values

1. Tradition and Culture: Embody and entreat our guests to the rich and accommodating traditions and culture of the Akuapem people.
2. Royalty and Excellence: Give our guests royal and professional service.
3. Integrity and Dignity: Uphold respect for our guests and employees.
4. Customer experience: Offer experiential services that live long on the minds of our guests and employee.
5. Innovation and security: Deploy innovation and technology for intelligent service and offer privacy and protection to our guests and employees.
6. Community service:
– Plant 2000 trees annually of 4 different species to promote eco-tourism through reforestation for the next five years.
– Offer educational scholarships to brilliant but needy students interested in environmental careers such as green energy, eco-tourism, forestry, etc., from Adukrom and the Akuapim ridge.