Ridge Nest Hotel

Executive Room

Check in 2pm and check out 12pm
With the apex of art that the ridge can give offer, Ridge Nest Hotel’s executive room is a place to be and admire. With the view of the ridge, your morning can never be boring with the rising sun and the brilliance of the skies.
Want some rest? Our bed and small lounge before the bed gives you the two positions of relaxation and rest.

Twin Room

Check in 2pm and check out 12pm
Visiting with your young family, don’t worry. Enjoy an Executive Room with one standard room linked together. The twin room poses all there are in the Executive and Standard rooms together and for less.

Deluxe Room

Check in 2pm and check out 12pm
Want to relax? Have a great time away from the noise of the city? In a room where there is great balance between luxury and standard? Choose Deluxe. Its another luxury room from Ridge Nest Hotel.

Standard Room

Check in 2pm and check out 12pm
One step up from Economy, have a great time with somewhat limited luxury from our standards room. They are slightly smaller in room size than the Deluxe and Executive rooms but boasts of its own well-defined elements and experience.

Economy Room

Check in 2pm and check out 12pm
Want to experience Ridge Nest Hotel but on tight on finance? We have the perfect fit for you. With smaller room, defined elements, choose economy and enjoy the hotel and the ridge.


Visit and lodge at Ridge Nest Hotel for your conferences, get-togethers, services and etc.

Conference Room

With our state-of-the-art conference room and its facilities, you are promised a great experience away from the busy horns of the city.


Local and continental dishes as well as special orders for expatriates from Ridge Nest Hotel is something your mouth needs to be watered for.